Early Concepts About Print (ECAP®)

ECAP's early literacy instruction makes the difference for preschoolers entering Kindergarten

ECAP® offers one-to-one literacy teaching designed to help preschoolers build their first concepts about print.

Sue is a licensed teacher in the school board currently training teachers to teach early reading and writing. In this role and as part of her doctorate, she worked on developing a literacy program for preschoolers. ECAP was designed to introduce preschoolers to early concepts about print and early writing before entering Kindergarten. These concepts include:

  • Reading left to right
  • Reading top to bottom
  • Letters and words convey a message
  • Letter formation, discrimination, and perception

ECAP® Lessons

Children will engage in one-to-one lessons, 3 to 4 times a week. Lessons are individualized to meet the specific needs of each young child and are delivered by a specially trained teacher.


Children will also participate in a borrow-a-book program. These texts are specially designed for early reading progress and cannot be purchased in bookstores.